Video Clips from There Is a Bridge

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There is a Bridge is a documentary that reveals the largely unrecognized capacity of people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias to maintain emotionally meaningful relationships.

Run Time: 5min, 5sec

Gladys Wilson & Naomi Feil
Naomi Feil and Gladys Wilson share a breakthrough moment in communication.

Run Time: 2min, 34sec

Interview with Naomi Feil
Naomi Feil explaining why communicating with people with dementia is both life changing and a moral imperative of our time.

Run Time: 2min, 34sec

Advice from Susan Anderson
Susan talks to her mother Ruth, who has Alzheimer's disease.

Run Time: 2min, 34sec

Interview with Lisa Snyder
Lisa Snyder shares how people with Alzheimer’s are redefining the basis of our identity.
Run Time: 1min, 17sec

Insight from Stanley Hauerwas
Stanley Hauerwas talks about "becoming a friend of time."

Run Time: 1min, 31sec

Josh Dorman on his paintings
Celebrated artist, Josh Dorman, explains what people with Alzheimer's disease have taught him about the art of listening.

Run Time: 2min, 33sec

Interview with Blas Ortiz
Interview with Blas Ortiz, former opera singer who has Alzheimer's disease.

Run Time: 1min, 50sec

Memory Bridge Classroom Initiative
Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky introduces the Memory Bridge classroom initiative.

Run Time: 2min, 31sec