Memory Bridge to Lead Hospice Training in Florida's Treasure Coast


Participants in this three-day, guided journey in connecting with those with dementia will explore what it means, and does not mean, for a person to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and not merely from the outside-in, the bio-medical perspective, but from the inside-out, from within the lifeworld of a person living with dementia.  Developed by the Memory Bridge Foundation, this experience-based, empathy-centered workshop pairs each participant with a person in hospice diagnosed with irreversible dementia--a Buddy.  Volunteers and Buddies will meet two times in person over the three days of training. Combined with the supported companionship with hospice clients will be a variety of other learning experiences--presentation-based, creative, reflective, peer-to-peer dialogue, case study, and sharing circles.

The training is designed for hospice volunteers and covers many crucial areas of care of the cognitively disoriented, including:

*Emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of end-of-life communication with the disoriented dying;
*Exploration of the neuroscientific substrate of empathy;
*The social construction and deconstruction of identity;
*Identity challenges in Erickson's 9th, and final, life stage;
*A phenomenological approach to the dis-ease of Alzheimer's;
*Community-building around caring with persons with dementia;

For more information about participating, contact Eileen Emery at