There Is a Bridge is available on DVD for $34.95

The DVD includes the acclaimed documentary produced by Memory Bridge in addition to 45 minutes of riveting interviews by the following theorists and practitioners:

Naomi Feil - Creator of Validation Therapy, reveals the philosophy behind her approach to communicating with people with dementia;

Michael Verde - Founder of Memory Bridge, shares what his grandfather’s experience of dementia taught him about personal identity;

Stanley Hauerwas - Internationally esteemed theologian, reflects upon the theological implications of our personal and collective response to people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Rom Harré - Philosopher and founding theorist of social psychology, suggests a communally oriented conception of personhood provides a fresh, hope-inspired perspective on life with Alzheimer’s disease.

Lisa Snyder - Clinical social worker and author of Speaking Our Minds, discusses the paradigm shift that is occurring in our collective understanding of what it means, and does not mean, to have Alzheimer’s disease.

This collection of interviews, in addition to being a perfect intellectual complement to the emotional depth and aesthetic grace of There Is a Bridge, constitutes substantive contribution to our national discussion about Alzheimer’s disease.

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