About the Documentary There Is a Bridge

This groundbreaking documentary will change the way you imagine Alzheimer's disease – and quite possibly, how you see yourself. Premiering on public television stations nationwide beginning September 1, 2007 (check local listings), There Is a Bridge challenges conventional notions of people with Alzheimer's as "unreachable" and this disease as "the first of two deaths."

Robert Pinsky, former U.S. Poet Laureate, host There Is a Bridge, a documentary film with a radically different perspective on Alzheimer's disease – one of hope, the hope that in the midst of all that is lost with Dementia, much awaits to be found.

Interviews with preeminent thinkers and poignant footage of family members, care partners, and schoolchildren building emotionally rich relationships with people with dementia reveal depths of memory and personal identity not erased by Alzheimer’s.

Hosted by former United States Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky, There Is a Bridge explores the deep, complex nature of human solidarity by weaving together mental health, psychology, art, philosophy and education to highlight individuals and path-breaking programs reaching out to elders affected by Alzheimer's disease.

Few documentaries render imaginative justice to the invisible realm of our emotional lives. There Is a Bridge achieves that feat with arresting grace. When you see what this film reveals, you too will believe.

There is a bridge.