Lesson 4: Empathy

During a classroom discussion about empathy, Memory Bridge students watch a series of short videos of other classes’ buddy visits. In one clip, the elderly buddy has a tracheostomy, making it difficult for her to speak.

“What’s that hole in her neck?” asks one of the students. He is not the only one wondering about this oddity, and a conversation about tracheotomies and the dangers of smoking ensues.

“Would it be rude to ask her about it?” another student asks.

The teacher ponders this and then asks the kids, “Do you ever get zits?”

Everyone nods: yes, they do.

“Well,” she says, “how would you like it if somebody asked you about your zits?”

Their response is swift and unequivocal: They would not like it, not at all.

“There’s your answer,” the teacher replies.

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